Other creative arts

This course is about how to use technology to create stories.

First, we will look at learning styles and personality profiles.  What kind of learner are you?  How does that affect how you work with information and with other people?

Second, we will look at research methods. Storytelling can be very personal, but it can also be a way to teach and share information. Tell a story about what it would be like to be a soldier in the invasion of Normandy (D-Day).  Tell a story about local legends.  Tell a story about this particular piece of art.  These kinds of stories require research and so we will cover some research methods.

Third, once you have your information, how do we put it together? This unit will look at scripting and storyboarding.

Fourth, we look at technology to actually create a digital story.  We'll take a look at imovie and also at photostory3.

Finally, we talk about evaluating the final product.  How do you know you were successful? What would you change?

This course will be designed for high school students, but would be helpful for ANYONE who is interested in digital storytelling.