Site policy

Note: due to the large number of non English language course requests that do not comply with our Site Policy, only course requests where the course language is English are possible.

Our site policy (terms and conditions) will change from time to time, and this page is the most up-to-date reference point for these.

By using this website you agree to:

  • Not use the site for spam or advertising.
  • Conduct yourself in a respectful and professional way.
  • Use your real name when registering (this helps us reduce spam etc.)

Policy for course providers

  • Courses must feature collaboration between teachers from different schools, regions, or organisations.
  • The intention of is to support courses that are useful for a wide range of potential learners.
  • Courses intended for a small group, e.g. a specific class only, will not be supported.
  • Courses are set with a maximum of 100 users.
  • Course that are not active for 90 days may be automatically deleted or moved to a hidden category.
  • Courses about religion or for religious purposes are not allowed.
  • Respect the copyright of others
    (If we receive complaints regarding use of copyright material we may hide the course, making it unavailable, until the teacher and the complainant have resolved the issue).
  • You may hide (make unavailable to learners) and Backup your course (to move it to a different Moodle site).
  • Your course must be free, open to everyone, allow Guest access, and be useful to others, always remember the spirit of FreeMoodle.
  • You should already be experienced using Moodle, probably at least two years using Moodle - we want this site to feature great courses, created by knowlegeable and experienced teachers.
  • FreeMoodle is not the place for your own "private" courses - whether this is private for yourself, your own students, or organisation (if you attempt to use FreeMoodle in this way we will hide and later remove the course).
  • If you require a private course, please visit MoodleCloud: ;
  • Please do not request a course for staff training, or to teach others how to use Moodle or general e-learning / online learning - there are already many resources available for this.
  • Courses are only deleted if they are very old, out-of-date, or of no use to any potential site users.
  • is not a location for you to learn how to use Moodle if you haven't used it before.
  • If you are attending a professional development course, and the course requires you to create a Moodle course, is not a suitable place for this (and your request will be rejected).
  • If you have questions regarding whether your course is appropriate for, please ask in the Teachers Community Area

  • We will not support multiple courses for the same subject (e.g. maths for high school x3) - we highly encourage teachers to collaborate wherever possible - is a project where 1+1=3 wink

Policy for learners

  • This site is here for your benefit, and all courses are completely free.
    Take these opportunities to learn, for pleasure and for fun, and to improve your life smile
  • If you encounter behaviour or communication from teachers or other students that you feel is not appropriate for this site you can email helpdesk[AT]
Last modified: Wednesday, 27 December 2017, 9:27 PM