Haidee Mealor

Haidee Foxwell

Haidee Michelle Mealor (nee Foxwell)

28 April 1970 - 12 April 2011

Haidee is the reason that this site exists...

Born in England on 28th April 1970 Haidee spent her childhood growing up in Liberia (Africa) and in Devon (South of England) with her parents Shirley and Dave.

At 18 Haidee joined the Royal Navy, and had a career spanning 14 years.  During this time she ran marathons, represented the Navy in netball, and sailed numerous Tall Ship races.  Working in Logistics, responsible for sending essential support equipment all around the world, she was a highly respected service woman. She left the Navy with the rank of Chief Petty Officer.

We met in 2001.  Haidee was attending a summer school in management as part of her Open University degree in technology.  I was her teacher for a few days, but after the course we met socially and quickly realised how much we liked each other.

We got married on 27th December 2001 in Las Vegas in the 'Wee Kirk o' the Heather' chapel.  On our honeymoon we visited the Grand Canyon (Haidee always wanted to see that) and spent New Year's in New York.

Moving to New Zealand in December 2002 we intially lived in Auckland, me working in a private training company in the Central Business District, and Haidee working as a civillian at the New Zealand naval base in Devonport.

The following year we bought a house in Paihia, Bay of Islands.  Haidee initially ran this large house as a small holiday guest house, and we loved welcoming visitors to the area, and helping make their holidays memorable.

At around the same time Haidee bought me a book about Linux.  I'd always wanted to learn more about it, and she knew this.  In no time at all I had built a server and had Linux running.  And a couple of days later I stumbled across Moodle.

From that point forward we worked together on ideas for Moodle smile

Over the years Haidee became a real Moodle expert.  She loved the challenges of making the Gradebook work, she loved the logic behind Lessons, and she loved the versatility of Quizzes.

Haidee was the first person to pass the Moodle Course Creator Certificate (MCCC).

After this, there was no stopping her!

A vital role was supporting other Moodle Partners MCCC mentor-assessors - a role she carried out with 100% professionalism and enthusiasm.  It was a joy for her to work with people all around the world, and she was truely excited each time she worked with someone from a new country!

Haidee took part in many Moodle conferences in New Zealand, Australia, and the USA. She presented sessions on MCCC, and inspired many teachers to become certified (building their skills and knowledge).  She was especially well-known at the Moodle Moots in New Zealand, where her smile, laughter, and personality lit up the room.

During early 2011 Haidee started her battle with cancer.  She bravely progressed through radiation treatment, but sadly lost her battle on 12th April.  Myself, her parents, and her best friend Sophie were at her side.

In the following days I struggled to 'see sense' in the world.  I struggled with how unfair it is to take a life so young, with so much to give.  I don't think I will ever fully understand this.  I also struggled to see 'the point' of the world for me.  What would I be working for?  And Why?

The answer came in the form of this Moodle website.

Haidee loved Moodle, she loved the spirit of the Moodle community, and she loved helping people.  So this site now exists to take forward the ideals she held dear.  This site provides free Moodle hosting, for free courses.  So anyone in the world can create courses to help others.  You can read more about the details here.

FreeMoodle.org is 'our gift' to the world.
An attempt to make it a slightly better place.
A way of helping others, through education, to improve their lives in some way.
This site is here because of, and in memory of, my wife that I loved so much, and my very best friend, Haidee Mealor.

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