Here we want to thank everyone who has contributed to

Right now, it seems a small project, inspired by Haidee, and just starting to find it's way in the world.
But soon it will grow, and have many influences.
We will look back at these contributions in years to come and smile with our memories smile


Many thanks to Gerhard Breuss who generously translated the main site menus from English to German, to Anna Krassa who translated to Greek, and Maryel Mendiola who translated to Spanish smile

We hadn't thought of this, but with more 100 courses now we should really be thanking the teachers and creators of these courses !  In a few years time, with more than a thousand courses and a million users these will be the people that played a key role in "making it happen"- so thank you !


Thank you so much to everyone listed here smile

Silvio Pilone (Torino, Italy) NZ$10, 29/05/12
John D Majewski (Goleta, CA) NZ$100, 16/08/12 "Our son Sam is former student ... We are happy to support this cause!"
Denny Fernandez (San Juan, USA) NZ$60, 20/08/12
Iñaki Arenaza (Alava, Spain) NZ$500, 3/10/12
Denny Fernandez (San Juan, USA) NZ$60, 08/08/13
Denny Fernandez (San Juan, USA) NZ$60, 13/10/14

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