Information for course providers

This site can host your Moodle courses provided they are open for anyone in the world to access and the course/project in internationally relevant and built around collaboration.

Before you request a free course here, please read:

You may wonder why hosting your courses here may be preferable to using other free hosting options?  There are six main reasons:

    1. Many free Moodle hosting sites are in reality a 'marketing tool', and can disappear as quickly as they appear!  If you have read the two links above you will realise that is not the case with, and this site will be here as long as Moodle is smile
    2. is financially secure and supported by HRDNZ (Moodle Partner since 2006).  HRDNZ make many contributions to the Moodle community - our staff are rated by the community on as PHM's (Particulraly Helpful Moodlers).
    3. As an experienced and knowledgeable Moodle Partner we ensure this site is always up-to-date, and secure using the latest stable release of Moodle.
    4. Our mission is simply " can change the world for the better through education and teachers collaborating".

      Please read the following regarding this free service:

      • Your courses should be useful and up-to-date
      • All courses and their content are your property and responsibility not ours (see licensing below).  We provide the hardware, software, upgrades, networking, support and knowledge to ensure everything runs smoothly.

      There are some restrictions regarding free courses here, including:

      • There is no charge to host your course here provided the course is provided to others for free (but we do really appreciate donations from course providers)
        (charging others for courses on this site is not possible)
      • You cannot use this site as free Moodle hosting for your organisations private (closed) courses - although you can provide a free course similar to the paid courses you might provide elsewhere
      • This service is not available for religious content
      • We ask that you keep total course size small where possible
        You can do this by embedding movies hosted on YouTube, linking to files available on Slideshare, and other similar services for example.
      • Courses are currently set to allow a maximum of 100 users.
        Please respect this limit.
      • We cannot teach you how to use Moodle on this site.
        If you wish to develop your knowledge and skills using Moodle see for some great courses smile
      • This is a 'minimum support service' - to keep administration to a minimum.  If you have questions please use the teacher community forums.
      • Your course can be facilitated (e.g. you answer forums posts) or self-study (where you do not engage directly with participants).
        We advise you to make this clear at the beginning in your course information.
        With advanced skills in Moodle you can design your course in such a way as to keep your own learners separate from the public learners smile
      • This site uses a standard up-to-date Moodle installation.
        3rd party plugin modules are not generally supported, and will not be installed (a single exception at this time is a Certificate module).
        This is so you can backup your course and move it to another Moodle Moodle site whenever you wish.
      • The site is upgraded every 12 months to a new version of Moodle.  A forum post is given on the front page of the site notifying of any downtime required.
      • Our servers are 64-bit linux systems and use best-practice security, virus checking, etc.
      • Courses are backed up once per week.
        We keep 4 copies, and the oldest is then deleted.

      Some example uses of this site:

      • You want to create a course that just helps people, examples might include:
        • Learning a new language
        • How to stop smoking
        • The wonders of the solar system
        • Basic maths
        • Self-help topics such as time management
        • ... you get the idea!  In fact almost anything is OK big grin
      • Please bear in mind the underlying philosophy here...

        "To allow educators and others to collaborate and give learners opportunities to change the world for the better through access to free education using Moodle"
      License sets a default license of 'All rights reserved' for the content you create in courses. However, this is just a default.

      Facilitators and Teachers are the owners of Courses here, so it's completely up to you which license(s) you apply.  Here is a brief description of each license, and a link to further information:

      Q "Can I use this site to test Moodle?"

      A "No, you should consider using

      Q "Can I use a course here as a 'loss leader' - and encourage students to visit my site to purchase courses later?"

      A "Yes, although your course on should be useful and valuable for students in it's own right (not just a teaser for your paid courses).  If you want to do this, we request that you provide a link at the end of your course."

      Q "Can I charge for courses here?"

      A "No. We recommend using a Moodle Partner in your country, or nearby, for paid course hosting."

      Q "Can I use my course with my class for real?"

      A "Yes, of course you can (we expect that many courses will be real).  As long as you don't mind others accessing your course as well smile"

      Q "How long will my course be available?"

      A "For as long as this site exists!  There is a requirement that your course is available for at least three years (this is to avoid people trying to use it for commercial hosting)."

      Q "Can i have a course in a language other than English?"

      A "No.  Previously we did allow this, but the support requirements for any language was unfortunately just too great for a volunteer project like this."

      More Q and A examples coming soon...

      Last modified: Wednesday, 27 December 2017, 9:31 PM