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This site is intended to be used by teachers, educators, and organisations, to provide free online courses for anyone.

You will never need to pay for a course here smile

Some courses you find here may be 'facilitated' (this means there will be a teacher you can ask questions), while other courses will be 'self-study' (meaning the course is just here and you can work through it at your own pace, but there is no-one specific to ask questions to).  However, in a 'self-study' course you can still communicate with other course participants smile

Although courses may allow Guest access (which means you do not need to create a Login) you won't be able to take Quizzes, post to discussion forums, or take part in other interactive activities.  However, if you create a Login (username and password) you will be able to use all parts of the courses.

Note that we are not responsible for the content of these courses - the individual teacher(s) and/or course provider(s) create the content, we just provide the servers and software so this can all be free!

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